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If your drywall has holes, cracks, or any other type of damage, we can fix it as well as install it. You’ve come to the right place for drywall repair and drywall installation in Visalia, CA!
Your search for drywall repair Visalia has brought you to the right place! Repairing or installing drywall correctly is vital for both aesthetic reasons as well as structural integrity. If it’s not repaired or installed properly, it will be unsightly and noticeable. It’s easy for drywall to to get damaged, scraped, or have holes from furniture, kids playing, or some other reason. If the drywall is beyond repair or there are other serious issues affecting it (leaks and bad plumbing), we can remove the old and install new sheets of drywall easily. Our professional team can fill the holes and cracks, repair the surface, and make your walls look brand new. In addition, if you need other related fixes, we can install cabinets, showers, appliances, and countertops. We offer handyman service to all of Visalia and Tulare County so call us today!

Ceiling Repair

Do you want to change your old popcorn ceiling and put something more modern? We take care of your ceiling repairs, whether it’s applying paint, repairing water damage, or filling up holes in the ceiling. We have all the necessary equipment to do this job efficiently.

Texture Matching

If your walls have uneven texture on the surface, they can catch more dirt and look bad. If you are trying to resell your house, uneven textured walls could decrease the resale value of your house. Our handyman can examine your walls, ceilings, and smooth the texture, so your walls look uniform. It’s important to hire a handyman who understands drywall finishing service, such as drywall mudding, drywall sanding, and seam/joint taping.

Drywall Installation

Do you need quality drywall installation for your old house, new house, remodeling part of the house? Handyman Visalia can install drywall with efficiency. We use modern techniques that can give you durable and beautiful looking walls. You will love our work and the finished drywall we will give you.

Plaster Repair

Damaged and old plaster can make your walls look bad. If you are remodeling your house or simply want to replace the damaged plaster, give us a call. We have repaired plaster for lots of people in Visalia and Tulare County. We know what makes well-plastered walls, and we believe we have exceptional techniques when it comes to plaster repair. We also offer sheetrock repairs and finishing, stucco repairs and finishing, cement board repairs and finishing, as well as gypsum board repair and installation.

Water Damaged Walls

Mold growth, wet marks, moisture damage, are some of the things that can affect your drywall. If that is the case for your drywall, call us. We have an extensive and highly effective procedure to take care of water damaged walls and restore them to their original form.

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We go above and beyond to have a leading reputation for the best handyman work in the area, and we know how to deal with any kind of drywall issue. From repairing walls, mending the cracks, removing unevenness, repatching the plaster, we do it all. No matter if it’s the wall or the high ceilings, we have the proper equipment to take care of all your drywall needs. We have done high-quality work that customers love. 

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